Walker & Associates, Investment Advisors, Inc. is registered with the States of Georgia and South Carolina as a Registered Investment Advisor pursuant to Section 203 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

The firm is headed by Ronald O. Walker. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Clemson University, 1974, and a Master of Transportation Degree from the University of South Carolina, 1977. He has over 25 years experience in securities, banking, and industry. His professional examinations include National Association of Securities Dealers (FINRA) Series Nos. 7, 63, 65 and State of Georgia Life, Health, Variable Life, and Variable Annuity.


Walker & Associates provides professional investment advice and strategies designed to assist individuals and business owners in identifying and meeting their financial goals. Walker & Associates believes portfolios should have sufficient diversity and asset allocation between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, and cash equivalents, commensurate with client investment objectives and risk tolerance, to achieve the dual investment objectives of high total return and reduced portfolio volatility. Portfolio strategies are recommended only after assessing individual client objectives and risk tolerance.

Walker & Associates provides personal investment management to individuals and business owners on personal savings, IRA’s, 401-K Plans, Trusts, Pensions and Estates. Investment strategies may include the use of equities, fixed-income and tax-advantaged securities, mutual funds, cash and cash equivalents. Walker & Associates does not provide specific advice on or use commodities, futures, limited partnerships, or real estate.

Walker & Associates provides clients with comprehensive quarterly reporting, in addition to regular reports received from the broker/dealer or custodian of choice, to include but not limited to total portfolio value, change in portfolio value, breakdown of value by security type, and percentage return using the time weighted rate of return method.


Walker & Associates does not require a minimum account size but reserves the right to do so at a later date. The following fee structure is used:

1.00% per annum on the first 


0.75% per annum on the next 


0.50% per annum on amounts over


In addition to the fee structure above, clients whose assets are invested in mutual funds will also pay a management fee to the mutual fund portfolio manager, from the fund’s assets, as stated in the fund’s prospectus.

Fees are billed quarterly in advance. If a client cancels, any unused, prepaid fees are returned on a prorated basis.

Also, on occasion Walker & Associates may provide investment counseling services on an hourly basis in the range of $75 per hour when it is mutually agreed that ongoing consultation/management is not necessary.

Payment of fees may be paid directly by the client; or payment of fees is made by the custodian holding the client’s funds and securities. However, three criteria must be met when payment is made by the custodian: (1) the client must provide written authorization permitting the fees to be paid directly from the client’s account held by the independent custodian; (2) Walker & Associates must send to the client and the custodian simultaneously, a bill showing the amount of the fee, the value of the client’s assets on which the fee was calculated; and (3) the custodian agrees to send to the client a statement, at least quarterly, indicating all amounts disbursed from the account including the amount of advisory fees paid directly to Walker & Associates.


Walker & Associates receives no compensation for securities bought or sold.  Walker & Associates does not assume custody of client assets nor has authority to withdraw or take possession of any funds or securities. If a client requests an account be handled with discretion, it will be authorized only by limited power of attorney with limitations on types and amounts of securities to be bought or sold determined by the client through an initial objective setting consultation and reviewed through ongoing consultations.

On occasion Walker & Associates may buy or sell securities that it recommends to clients. There is no conflict of interest as the securities are widely held and publicly traded.  Because Walker & Associates does not sell securities, brokers may be recommended to clients wishing to implement its advice.  The recommendations are based on the broker’s skills, reputation, fees and compatibility with the client’s goals and objectives, never upon a financial arrangement with Walker & Associates. Walker & Associates may receive certain economic and financial data, computer support services, and investment periodicals from brokers through which securities transactions are effected or who have custody of client’s assets; however these services are used in servicing all of Walker & Associates’ accounts and may not be used in connection with any particular accounts which may have paid commissions to the brokers providing such services.


This is to acknowledge that I/we have read, understand, and accept the General Information and Disclosure Statement of Walker & Associates, Investment Advisors, Inc. No assignment of such contract shall be made by the investment advisor without the consent of the other party to the contract.